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Northern Michigan owned and Operated.   Headquartered in Cheboygan.


Xact Cannabis Co.’s provisioning center is located at 414 N. Main Street in downtown Cheboygan. We occupy a completely renovated, 120-year-old building in the historic district located at the corner of US 23 and Main St. Over the last 18 months Xact has employed many local contractors and tradespeople in the renovation from demolition to reconstruction.  The Xact provisioning center staff is comprised of Cheboygan residents as well. We are diligently working towards our next phase of vertical integration by renovating a 24,000 square foot cultivation and processing facility located in the Cheboygan industrial park.


Northern Michigan Owned and Operated.   Headquartered in Cheboygan.


Buggy Days

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Schultz Brothers

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Schultz Brothers


The Donut Shop

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Xact Cannabis Co, today


Xact Cannabis Co. is a collective of Caregivers, Medical Marijuana patients, Cannabis activists and enthusiasts.  As a group we have decades of successful cultivation and processing experience. We are focused on creating a rewarding customer experience in our various hospitality and retail roles.  We aim to be a vertically integrated cannabis company headquartered in Cheboygan, MI and are proud to be part of the renaissance of this wonderful City.

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